Things have been busy lately.

I dont really remember anything past Thursday .. not quite sure why .. but whatever.

Thursday I went to school and all that stuff .. then after i walked to the college with Lindsay and we met  my mom .. then my madre took us to get costumes for FLC. I got a pirate costume =] and I picked out Lindsay's haha. I picked out this awesome thing .. its ½ angel ½ devel and its just amazing. She looked wicked cute in it too. So that was that .. then we took her home and i went home and the OC wasnt on, so that was a bummer but whatever =].

Friday I went to school .. aduh. Then I went home with Lindsay & Kayla and we hung out and made sugar cookies for the FLC fundraiser and then got in our costumes. Kayla was little red riding hood, HAH. Then we went to the fundraiser at about 5ish. We set up for about an hour, and then kids started showing up around 6. I was at a station with Caitlin, Ali, Brian, Alex, Corey & Sean. We helped kids make spiders out of egg cartons and pipe cleaners. I never realized how helpless little kids are, over half of them couldnt do it at all, and we had to do it for them. It was fun though, they're so cute. It was over at around 8, but we had to clean up. Then we left, and I dropped Kayla&Lindsay off. David called me and wanted to know if I wanted to go to Natalies with him, so I did. He picked me up and we went to Natalies until like, 11:30 i think. Then I got home and passed out, i was so tired.

Saturday was fun. I had soccer tryouts from 9 - 10:30 am .. then i went home and slept for like, 10 minutes. Then i got in the shower and Tiffany called me to see if I wanted to hang out, so I did. We got pumpkins and carved them =] Then we went out to eat with her parents at Christo's .. it was so good. The busboy made a freakish noise that sounded like that hairy guy from StarWars, so I couldnt stop lauging whenever he walked past our table. Then after that we went back to her house and talked to people online. Then her mom took me home around 10ish and I watched EDWARD SCISSORHANDS. I never truely understood how good that movie was. I cried at several points, and I loved every second of it.

Today[Sunday] I've pretty much done nothing. I woke up around 9 .. even though my clock said it was ten. David called me to see what I was doing and if I wanted to hang out, but I really feel like just hanging out at my house. So yeah. At 11:15 I had CCD .. my teacher wasnt there so me, Trish and Jenna had to go into other people's classes. Luckilly we got put into Caitlins class. Yeah. Then I came home and here I am =]

K. Comment like your life depends on it.LOVELOVELOVELOVE.<3



My weekend has been pretty fun =]

Friday I went to school and all that jazz .. then i hung out with Caitlin until around 6. We almost hung out with Matt, but we'd only be able to for like, 2 hours and it wasnt worth it so we decided not to. Then after Caitlin left i showered SUPER fast and got ready to go to Barretts with David, Leah, Tiffany and Mike. It was so fucking scary. Way scarrier than the past years. I took some pictures, but the creepy guys wouldnt let me take a picture with them so i got mad. But im over it. Then after the haunted house we went over to the Abington Ale house and ate food.

Saturday was interesting. I woke up at like, 6:30 and had PSAT's at 7 .. which were wicked easy .. at least I thought so anyways. I bet the juniors aced them, seeing as how im a sophmore and theyre made for Juniors. I sat with Erin & Laura .. then after i went to the mall with Caitlin so she could get her semi dress. Its so cute i love it. Then after that i went home, came over my dads house, slept for a little, went on my computer, and then went home. So i got home, showered, watched some TV, then went to Brianna's sweet sixteen. =] It was outta control. The cops came, and so the band couldnt play anymore. There was drinking and stuff, and supposedly steriods which is retarted but whatever. It was fun. Got home a little after eleven.

Today I had the walk for Diabetes in Springfield, and after we all got into SixFlags free =] So now im home, and i have pnemonia from standing outside in the rain friday & saturday. Which gives me more time to sleep. Haha. Here are some pictures.

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1. Whats your name ?

2. Are we friends/Bestfriends? ect...?

3. Wud u care if i died?

4. Would you Kiss me?

5. hug me?

6. makeout with me?

7. let me kiss you?

8. Hold my hand?

9. Do you feel comfortable laughing at your own mistakes?

10. Do you laugh at others mifortune?

11. is that the best laughter there ever was?

12. do u like me?

13. Have you ever found yourself wanting something more from me?

14. Would you let me Kiss you on the neck?

15. would you go out wit me?

16.Would you give me a hikki?

17. Would you bring me around your friends?

18. Would you Kiss me on the Neck?

19. would you call me ?

20. have we kissed?

21. What are your most Overused words anywhere?

22. Would you take a bubble bath with me lol?

23. are you bored alot?

24. do you think making out is fun?

25. have you ever watched boy meets world?

do this please =) ♥
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Today was frigging amazing.

I started back at BR, thank christ. My mom decided that i needed to be happy, and one week at Coyle wasnt going to change my mind.

So I had english first, which is cool. I have some awesome people in that class ;; Joe, MEAGHAN MURHPY[!!!!], Kevin, Richie, Arielle, and Tyler =) I love it. The teacher seems pretty easy too.
Then I had history or something, which was so lame. I have awesome people in that class, but the teacher is on acid or something. He'll just sit there and go, "yes, chelsea?" when i didnt friggin say anything! What a dork. Yeah so Caitlin, Katie, Bree, Eric, and a bunch of other cool kids are in that class. I like it.
After that i had study with a bunch of freshman, but i was nice because i was there once. I felt like a good person. I told them their teachers suck. Heh.
After that i had biology which is AMAZING. The teacher, Mr. Conroy is wicked cool, and the people in my class are my BFF'S! Kate, Nick, Jonita, JOHN!!, and thats pretty much it because its only a 16-people class.
Then i had Spanish .. basically no one in that class but I've had the teacher for the past two years so its gonna be a piece of cake. Lindsay's in that class with me, and so is Kevin. They both sit near me which is pretty amazing, and makes me happy.
THHENNN i had geometry .. good lord that lady is on something good. She says "woopsie daisy" more than 5 times a minute. Lets see .. who's in that class .. umm Amanda, Derek, Alex, Sarah, Jordan, Brittany, and some kid who sits in front of me who's pretty cool. I cant remember his name though.

Yeah so that was my day.

I also got my picture taken for my student ID during Bio, but i didnt know it was picture day. THANKS GUYS! Hah.
K well I'm done. PEACE!
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